Mavericks Surf Cam

What can one possibly say about Mavericks that everyone hasnt already heard. This place is awesome. Awesome in a literal way, it truly inspires awe. The monster break of the nor cal coast. People die here.

There are reasons the bigger waves leap up here rather than anywhere else on the California coast. The secrets of Maverick's are gradually being revealed as surfers study charts and wind patterns and dive below the dark waters to scrutinize the topography.

Huge storm swells hurtle thousands of miles over the Pacific to slug the West Coast from Seattle to San Diego. Rideable swells lump up at many a break. But only in one, at Pillar Point near Half Moon Bay, is the seafloor shaped to build a wave as thick, clean, tall and powerful as Maverick's -- then usher it in toward the line of bold surfers.

Pillar Point Mavericks