Amazing Health Benefits Found In Marine Phytoplankton

Author: Mike Vincent

Phytoplanktons are microscopic plants and bacteria, which are ocean-bound and can provide
us with an awesome amount of nutrition. But how many of us have heard of them before? And where do they come from?

Scientists theorize that some 3 1/2 billion years ago, the appearance of tiny organisms with the ability to convert unlight, warmth, water and minerals into protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and amino acids marked the beginning of life.
These tiny organisms are phytoplankton, the single-cell plants that are the basis of all other life forms on planet earth. They are the 'vegetation' of the ocean.

And not only do they provide important nutrition for humans, but
phytoplanktons are responsible for making up to 90% of Earth's oxygen. So this little known organism provides essential life support to us directly - as a source of valuable vitamins and minerals - and indirectly, as a source of our oxygen.

Phytoplankton are the food utilized by the worlds largest and longest living animals and fish. Blue whales, bowhead whales and many other types of whales all eat plankton. These species live between 80 and 150 years old and maintain great strength and endurance throughout their lives. The largest fish is a plankton eating whale shark that lives for
over 150 years, grows up to 14 meters long, weighs up to 15 tons, and is sexually active until it dies.
That's what phytoplankton can do for sea life, and it can do a great deal for us also, though I don't foresee any of us living for a century and a half. The elements and electrolytes in plankton are almost tailor-made for
the human body.

It's no coincidence that the composition of human plasma is similar to that of seawater. We arose from the sea and our internal bodies reflect this. Our bodies need the micro nutrients and trace elements found in phytoplankton to perform as nature intended.

Left to its own devices, the human body has a marvelous system called homeostasis which keeps all systems in balance. Take away some critical component, such as a trace element, and the body experiences malfunctions that cause suboptimal performance. Too many malfunctions cause disease.
Phytoplankton provide many if not all of the trace elements we need, to keep this balance in our bodies, and thus to help us live a full life at optimum health levels. These phytonutrients exhibit potentially promising effects in human physiology.

Here are some examples of how phytoplankton benefits humans:

For General Nutrition they contain ultra-potent lipids to enhance brain function.

They support a healthy heart with their variety of minerals and vitamins.

Clinical tests show that phytoplankton can reduce cholesterol.

They are shown to stabilize blood sugar levels.

Phytoplankton in our diet supports us in general mental alertness and can combat ADHD, Parkinson's and general dementia

They relieve pain and inflammation in our joints.

They help prevent psoriasis and dermatitis.

For good vision phytoplankton have been shown to be more effective than Lutein.

As well, they support a healthy liver, good sleeping habits and
an increase in energy levels.

A list of the nutrition available from phytoplankton will go on for pages. These include Vitamins B12, C and E, magnesium, chlorophyll, potassium and numerous other vitamins and minerals.

Many people use marine phytoplankton to solve major problems.

For example, a woman I met who has osteoporosis later had an accident which caused a hairline fracture in her foot. The doctor said that with her osteoporosis it would probably take 3-6 months for it to heal. However, she found out about Marine Phytoplankton and soon started taking it. Within a day, the pain was about 50%. Within 5 days, she was
walking normally without pain. Three weeks after the break, she returned to the doctor (pain-free) who determined that the bone fracture was fused.

Another man we heard of who is 80 years old started using Phytoplankton. He had had a quadruple bypass, and has diabetes. After three days of using it he reported that he has no more hip pain, no more foot pain, and has a reduction in his blood sugar levels of 40+points. He says he hasn't felt this good in forty years!

A third example is of a pregnant woman. At sixteen weeks pregnant she was suffering with extremely exhausting
morning sickness, sometimes leaving her bedridden. Within two days of starting to take phytoplankton, she stopped vomiting and stopped having morning sickness.

So, these examples, and many, many other examples show us that the plant, Phytoplankton, that started life on earth and that has apparently been a key to long life and health for sea creatures, can perform 'miracles' for us too. These aren't of course real miracles, but simply using the food sources that science has shown can help
provide us with optimum health for a long time.