Addicted to California Surfing

Author: Colin Pike

Surfing is a surface water sport in where the individual is carried by a breaking wave while riding on a surfboard. There are various types of surfing, based on the
different methods or surf craft used to ride the wave. The more
commonly practised types would include regular stand-up surfing,
kneeboarding and bodyboarding.

Many people are addicted to surfing in California today. The clean beaches, perfect waves
and good weather were always an attraction to anyone who has ever
surfed in his life. When you grow near a place like the Pacific Ocean,
it becomes a part of you; it is like a religion almost.

Tell me just one person who lives here and never sneak out of
classes to go surfing. It is always an adventure for younger: they pack
some food and water, the wetsuits
and their boards and that would be enough for having a great day on the
beach. Sometimes, when the waves are too high and the ocean is
agitated, they still have the courage to get on their boards; it fills
them with adrenaline.

Choosing the beach is not something that you decide on the spot, it
depends on the waves. The places with the best waves are always crowded
with surfers, and if you find a secluded place, the waves are not good
or sharks might be there. The best places to surf in California are
Santa Cruz or the Southern California area. However, if you never
surfed before, try other beaches too, you might find one that you like

When you will find the right beach for you might find yourself
surrounded by strange groups of people, which seem to be tied to
California surfing- the surfers. Sometimes they are friendly, sometimes
aggressive, it depends on what way do you choose or if you know
something about surfing. There are unspoken laws that you would better
find about before you try mingle among these ocean creatures. If you
will not take ones wave and leave enough space for the others it will
be OK. If not, the worst thing it could happen is they surfing over
your head and leaves you to sharks.

California surfing is a thing that once gets you; you will never get
rid of again. Just check one of California surfing competitions; the
true surfers are there, the best in the world. It is a spiritual
experience related to the deep ocean and the adrenaline pumping through
your veins.